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Mahnatez International School was birthed from a childhood dream to create an excellent, stimulating and enriching learning environment for children. The school is owned by Mrs. Bolatito Adebisi who is a seasoned educationist that has taught in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. The school began its journey in September 2010 with a total of 5 children and 3 staff and it has blossomed to over 200 pupils and 35 members of staff as of January 2020.

Mahnatez International School consists of highly trained professionals that concern themselves with development of the children. The children are assisted in providing answers to their questions, extending their experiences and investing in the importance of those experiences. We present opportunities for physical, social and intellectual growth in a program providing the following modulesQuiet time and activityContemplation and creativityWork and fun

The school’s learning program invites exploration, discovery, problem solving and academic achievement at the developmental level of each child.

The importance of imaginations and the emerging intellect of children are well understood and the creative problem solving abilities of each child is thus promoted. This is done by taking care not to make any excessive or unreasonable demands upon the child. The school feels that no child should be forced beyond their readiness level and all children need time, place and opportunity to develop into competent individuals.

The staff reinforces the philosophy of developing each child?s self-worth and provide a total conceptual learning experience at their own particular developmental level. The school is there to help facilitate the pupils to become better learners, achievers and performers. Each member of school staff is sensitive to the needs of the pupils and the level of commitment to each child does not stop at the class room door.

The school’s classroom set up is comprised of learning centers which include blocks, art, dramatic plays, books, manipulative and scientific discovery. These centers allow the children to have choices and to actively explore and learn by interacting with their peers, teachers and varying the things in their environment. The daily schedule is planned to include active and quiet times, gross and fine motor activities, child-initiated as well as staff initiated activities.

At Mahnatez, the classroom is a community in which values are modeled and reinforced. Each classroom has teachers who guide the children to promote active learning, problem solving, discovery of friendship and exploration of their new, expanded learning world. The curriculum combines structured and unstructured activities that encourage young children’s most important work-creative play.


To encourage each child to make choices, with respect towards others and his/her surroundings. This helps develops the child’s self- esteem, self-efficacy and belief in him or her.

Nourish each child’s heart and mind as we develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills so that the child will be a well-rounded person capable of solving problems and adapting to new situations.

To provide children with the early foundation and framework to prepare them for transition to different phases in life.


To promote excellence in early childhood education.

The journey so far has been tremendous. The increasing population has brought about expansion in various forms which includes structure. In order to accommodate more pupils and maintain standard within a conducive environment / facility for children

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